The rapid growth of the world’s population as well as their increasing expectations for comfort, safety and sustainability require accelerated technical progress accompanied by ever shorter development cycles.

Size, weight and performance of electrical modules and their placement in the final product affect function and design of devices, machinery and vehicles in which they are installed. But catalog connectors often force developers to make workarounds and compromises.

This is where Suyin comes in.

Our motto “make it possible” is our commitment to customer and solution orientation in both products and services, resulting in a decisive competitive advantage for our customers with tailor-made connectors for a truly wide range of applications.

And we have been doing so for 40 years.

Quality and cost-efficiency in manufacturing as well as shortest time-to-market are our common mission. However, the freedom in design is entirely up to you!


For us at Suyin, it’s not just about connectors. With our make-it-possible attitude, we support our customers and drive them to always be one decisive step ahead – in terms of operations, products and services. Browse our service network below to find out more!


Suyin is a globally operating connector supplier. Bringing together people and cultures from all over the world, it is our mission to support you with unique services and products at any time and right at your doorstep – wherever you might be.


Please don‘t hesitate to contact us regarding your project. We promise to get back to you within the next business day.

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