Medical healthcare

Electrical connectors used in medical devices and systems must meet the highest standards of reliability. Based on our quality management certified according to ISO 13485, we develop and manufacture connectors to meet your specific requirements and applications – from custom-designed miniaturized interfaces through to the adaptation of standardized connectors to your product design and subsequent production processes.

Workflows perfectly matched to customer-specific development – from simulation-aided design to toolmaking – lead to faster testing with prototypes and production samples. This allows us to shorten project lead times and respond more quickly to short-term adaptation requests. Rigorous testing procedures and comprehensive, transparent project management help you bring your ideas to the market quickly, reliably and safely.

Below are examples of connectors designed and manufactured specifically for portable and stationary devices in the medical healthcare sector:

  • ECGs
  • Blood glucose meters and digital insulin pens
  • Ventilators
  • AEDs
  • Portable tumor treatment devices
  • CPAP machines

Our account managers and product engineers are at your service with fast, uncomplicated solutions that are ideally tailored to your needs.

Suyin – make it possible.

Spring connector for digital insulin pen signal transmission
product category: spring loaded connectors
High contact safety battery connector
product category: spring loaded connectors
IP67 custom-interface I/O connectors
product category: board to wire connectors
0.5mm pitch Board to Board connectors
product category: board to board connectors
Blood glucose meter strip reader
product category: board to wire connectors
Signal transmission from rotating matrix to control board
product category: rigid-flex connections