Suyin develops and produces high-current connectors for automotive and industrial applications, e.g. for charging, power management and power distribution in robots and electric vehicles like e-cars, e-bikes and e-motorcycles. With our customized solutions, we offer you the ideal basis for implementing new concepts and application-specific requirements that meet or exceed all industry standards.

High Current

STAR-O stamped charging pins

Charge your “wheels” and set your ideas in motion with current strengths that were previously unimaginable for lightweight contacts. STAR-O contacts developed by Suyin feature low weight, high temperature resistance and long service life, improving the performance of your charging technology in every respect.

  • Stamped and rolled crown-spring contacts from highly conductive copper alloy with galvanic silver plating
  • Low temperature rise
  • Low insertion and pull-out forces for effortless interconnection
  • 20,000 mating cycles (twice the lifetime of the market standard)
  • Insert-molded for IP65
  • Customizable to individual charger system housings and wire termination technologies in various industries
  • Pin carrier reels for automated wire assembly

Validated in compliance with SAE J1772, IEC 62196-3 and GB/T 20234.3 standards.

STAR-O™ stamped high-current contacts
STAR-O™ stamped high-current contacts
EV charging connectors
High Current

C-MACH machined charging pins

For applications with highest currents above 300 A, CNC-machined solid-body contacts with lamellar joints are still the state of the art. Suyin’s products offer you the following advantages:

  • Customizable contact pins according to your individual charging housing and wire termination
  • Highly conductive copper alloy with galvanic silver plating protected by lubricant
  • Capable of handling the rated currents required for fast charging

Validated according to SAE J1772, IEC 62196-3 and GB/T 20234.3 standards.

C-MACH™ machined high-current contacts (socket)
C-MACH™ machined high-current contacts (plug)
High Current

DC/DC converter connectors

When it comes to connectors for DC/DC converters, the interaction of all disciplines of high-current technology and know-how in the application is of paramount importance. High precision is required, particularly in the design and manufacture of tools, in order to avoid warping in larger connectors with complex, multi-layer geometry.

Suyin DC/DC converter connectors are precise and highly efficient, from amperage to watertightness and from size to accessibility, to ensure a tight fit of the cable lugs.

  • Integrated busbar with laser-welded or riveted class 10.9 bolts and bushings for high torque
  • Space-saving design through multiple layers of busbars
  • Protection class IP67 due to injection-molded contacts and potted backside
  • Consistent quality through automated production, 100% inspection and testing, sealed packaging – all in ISO 14644 clean room if required
Example of a high-current cable connector with signal interface
Example of a high-current cable connector with signal interface
High Current


The Suyin busbar, a metal strip for high current transmission, is designed for power distribution in e-mobility. Design and production meet customer requirements by:

  • Complex deep drawing, blanking, bending and forming of busbars
  • Tight production tolerances for perfect electric contact with high conductivity
  • Wide range of high IACS copper alloy and aluminum materials available
  • Custom designs with up to 1000 mm length and 10 mm thickness
Example of a high-current busbar


Multi-interface connectors combine individual standard connectors into one product, providing you with increased efficiency from material management, logistics and production.

This includes:

  • Less size, weight and material consumption to save costs and reduce environmental impact
  • Efficient BOM management by cutting down several part numbers to a single one
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Simplifying your production process and increase PCBA process efficiency
Example of a dual-interface connector (with integrated RF connector)
Example of a multi-interface connector
Example of a right-angled, four-row, dual-interface connector
Example of an IP67 sealed housing connector


The demand for press-fit connections has increased steadily in recent years. No wonder, as this technology offers a number of advantages over others:

  • Solderless processing without thermal stress on the components
  • Higher throughput in PCB assembly thanks to simple mechanical mounting
  • Higher reliability compared to conventional solder joint connections (no dry joints, cracking etc.)
  • Significantly lower risk of tin whisker formation, which is particularly important in high-safety applications
  • Environmentally friendly technology (no solder or flux is used)

Suyin develops and manufactures such connectors in various designs and materials according to your specifications. Our custom-made press-fit connectors offer you

  • Certification according to IEC 60352-5
  • Pin thicknesses of 0.40, 0.60, 0.64 and 0.80 mm
  • Base materials CuSn or CuNiSi to meet specific requirements for electrical characteristics and tensile strength
Example of a press-fit connector with signal and power connections
Example of an IP67 press-fit housing connector

Board-to-Board connectors

Suyin offers a wide range of standard board-to-board connectors with a pitch from 0.4 mm to 2.54 mm and customization service to tailor interconnectivity to your specific requirements. Options for the customization of board-to-board connectors include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom heights for plug and socket for flexible design of the board-to-board stack height
  • PCB mounting technologies such as SMT, THT, THR (PIP), press-fit types, and mixed mounting configurations are possible as well
  • Contact distance according to industry standards or freely defined by customer; wider pitch and distance between contact rows as well as selective loading of the contact positions increase dielectric strength
  • Connector mating angles according to customer’s application requirement
  • FEM-simulated design of your connector application to find the best solution, e.g. for blind mating
  • Overall or selective contact plating with tin, gold, silver or PdNi
  • Individual connector packaging design matching your automated PCB assembly process
Example of a board-to-board connector with 0.5 mm pitch
Example of a board-to-board connector with 0.8 mm pitch
Example of a dual-row pin header with 2.54 mm pitch
Example of a dual-row receptacle with 2.0 mm pitch
Example of a low-profile insert-molded MQS pin header

Rigid-Flex Connections

If your application requires more flexibility in the connection angle and higher vibration and shock resistance than a fixed board-to-board connection can offer, then we recommend our rigid-flex cable and connector assemblies. They combine the benefits of being rock-solid in the connection to the PCB, while the FPC is bendable in every direction between two PCBs.

  • Rigid FR4 board with SMT- or THT-soldered connectors
  • FPCs in every length and number of copper traces
  • Multi-layer FPC for individual pin mapping
  • The Rigid-Flex connector and FPC cable are a complete, cost-effective solution for PCB interconnection
Example of a rigid-flex connection between spring contact and PCB
Example of a rigid-flex board-to-board connection

Board-to-Wire Connectors

Suyin offers a comprehensive portfolio of PCB connectors for customizing both market-standard and non-standard harness connectors to your module and housing.

Here are just some of the benefits of custom-made board-to-wire connectors designed and produced by Suyin:

  • Material and space saving design
  • IP water and dust protection according to your specific application requirements
  • Orientation, direction and angle of the plug connection according to customer specifications
  • Custom fitting to module housing
  • Various PCB mounting technologies such as SMT, THT, THR (PIP) and press-fit
  • Customer-specific plastics for higher working temperatures
  • Quick adaption to various housing colors, and change of coding due to exchangeable tooling cores
  • Overall or selective contact plating with tin, gold, silver or PdNi
  • Individual connector packaging design matching your automated PCB assembly process
Example of a connector with multiple mating angles
Example of an IP67 custom-interface I/O connector
Example of an IP67 waterproof USB type-C port
Example of a box header with custom codings
Example of a box header with custom-designed flange panel
Example of a box header and waterproof self-locking front plate
Example of a 25 Amp power connector
Example of a shielded connector with spring contacts
Example of a 10 Gbit/s USB 3.1 Type-C port

Spring-Loaded Connectors

Spring-contact connectors from Suyin for power and signal transmission enable a permanently reliable connection to contact pads.

  • Save valuable space with miniature spring contact design
  • Reliable connection due to better normal force and higher current capacity
  • Optional high-precision elevated contact point by laser welding
  • Special contact design with selected materials and coatings guarantees constant conductivity for up to 250,000 mating cycles
  • Pick-and-place cap or tape supports your automated PCB assembly
Example of a split spring contacts connector
Example of a charging cradle connector for 300.000 mating cycles
Example of a battery connector with high contact safety
Example of a circular connector with spring contacts


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