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SUYIN Connector awarded “Top automotive tech solution provider 2021”

Read more about how we’re giving wings to your ideas, our efforts to overcome roadblocks for us and our customers in this special year and what’s more to come in the future.

make it possible


Press-fit connections of contacts on the printed circuit board are often required in the automotive industry. However, the numerous patents and the high costs for research and development as well as the IEC certification of press-fit designs represent a strong entry barrier for this connection technology. Therefore, global players in the connector industry usually only offer standard catalog products. Suyin, on the other hand, is renowned for its straightforward way of fulfilling individual design requirements, but did not offer press-fit technology at that time.

Our customers, however, were spoiled by our wide-ranging service, as Suyin was otherwise always able to offer them a customized solution. So we decided to make it possible for these products as well.

We invested three years of R&D resources, involved our worldwide teams and external specialists to break through barriers given by the rules of physics and existing patents. No matter how hard some existing press-fit connector manufacturers tried to protect their playfield from new competitors, Suyin has finally managed to combine the standard of tight press-fit technology with our well-known service for custom connectors, certified by the SGS laboratory in Munich, Germany!

We have reliably solved the latest challenge in the shortest possible time and at competitive costs: press-fit contacts insert-molded into an ECU connector housing – a tailor-made solution!

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Example of a press-fit connector with signal and power connections
product category: press-fit
Example of an IP67 press-fit housing connector
product category: press-fit