make it possible

Suyin offers free independent audit services to customers

Audits pose an important role in developing the effectiveness of our quality system, our processes and the achievement of targets.

Besides regular internal audits, customers typically perform supplier on-site audits to ensure that their supplier is set to fulfill the agreed requirements. But due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions our customers supplier quality engineers in Europe faced difficulties to perform on-site audits at factories in Asia. So how could we still ensure external audits as a valuable source of information from external perspective?

Well, we put our heads together and decided to not only offer a solution to a challenge, but to establish another typical “make it possible”- service to our customers. Suyin’s quality management headed out and selected three international operating, independent auditors in China, so our customers have uninterrupted access to first-class audits at any time even under the current circumstances. And all this at reduced (or no) extra cost.

  • At this point, Suyin offers following audits by independent auditors, based on customer’s audit agenda:
  • Supplier qualification audit
  • Production release audit
  • Annual audit on parts in mass production
  • Sustainability audit

This way, we can act most efficiently to provide a solution that is customer, service and environment oriented: Saving travelling cost and time and reducing the environmental footprint respectively, while achieving the same outcome.

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